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How Coonhounds learn to walk
next to you and pay attention


            There are several good videos on YouTube that detail how to train Heeling-On-A-Box. I saw the Sylvia Trkman method a few years ago and tried it with Eli but it never went anywhere. Eli isn't even very well leash trained as he pulls in his harness tracking. I tried it again with Woody and he learned it well and now heels fairly well. It's still a work in progress. Tyler Muto has a great series of instructional videos on how to train this that was pretty helpful, too. Now I'm training Hubert. While I like the final product, I really am not terribly thrilled to do this training. It's always been a pain in the butt to get the dogs to turn on the box and with Woody it was really hard to fade the box out. The two ways I use to get the behavior are luring and free shaping. Mostly free shaping, as luring a big coonhound around in a circle without his front feet leaving the box is a lot harder than the little dogs you see in some of the videos. Free shaping this behavior is difficult because you are teaching them something new that they can do physically...it's not a behavior you can capture until they know they can do it.

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