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Italian Sausage Stroganoff


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This is easy and a much better alternative than Hamburger Helper. Its not exactly gourmet, but its good.

The amount above serves 2-4.

Start by filling a large pot with water and putting it on high to boil. Add a little olive oil to keep the noodles from sticking. Some salt is good, too. In another pot, begin browning the sausage over a medium heat.



Usually I just get sliced mushrooms, but Safeway was out again. They suck. Just for something different, I'll quarter the mushrooms this time. It'll take a little longer to cook. The mushrooms cook down a lot, and its okay to use double or more, especially if you like mushrooms.



Once the sausage is mostly cooked, throw in the mushrooms and saute them with the sausage a little bit.



Add the Campbell's cream of mushroom soup...



...and the sour cream.



Stir that all up and heat it up on med-low heat until its bubbling and the the mushrooms are cooked...about 15 minutes.



My thing is watching me. It suspects something.



When the noodles are nice and al dente, drain them.



Looks close enough...



The parsley is there to fool the dog into thinking it's a salad.