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Potato Soup


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Cooking with Inch.. Let's warm up them bones.

Tonights course is Potato Soup. Not just that woosie soup in a can, but thick, delectable yumminess straight from the garden.

To start off, fry up 1lb of bacon. Any meal that starts with a pound of bacon has to be good right? Fry it up , make it crisp, if not when in the soup it will be mushy and ucky like chewing fat. Fry it up and set it aside in some paper towels to soak up the grease.


For the rest of the soup (Feeds 10-12) you will need...

Cube up the potatoes into 1/2 to 1 " chunks. They will absorb a ton of water, any smaller and they'll turn to mush.

Cube up the celery, onions and spring onions (Manly chunks, not sissyboy chunklettes)



Slice up the carrots. I like to slice mine really thin. Brings out more flavor.. Use toenail clippers, it works great.



Just kidding...... I'm not that patient. Use the pre-sliced ones.. They're fresh and actually cheaper than buying whole carrots.



Put Potatoes in big pot with carrots, onions, celery, spring onions and water. Fill till about 2" from top of pot. Bring to a rolling boil.



Keeping at a rolling boil. Add in 5 tsp of Franks Buffalo Hot sauce. Trust me..



Add in two tsp of garlic and mix in well.



Add in the cyan pepper, Basil leaves and the other misc. seasonings. (Not much salt is needed)



Stir it all up really well and enjoy the awesome aroma of Inch in your home (ahhhhhhhh). Then lower to a simmer, (Low or one click above low) and let it steep/simmer for 3 hours. Stir occasionally between deaths in-game. As water absorbs replace with the chicken broth. (or add the bulion cubes and more water if you went the MSG route).

While you're waiting, go shoot some Axis with the game that comes with the forums or go clean up the leftovers from the son's manger project (Thumb thread ) and take a shot at rewiring the winch on your rig. Chicks dig Jeepers.



Ok, if you can keep Cromstrejen libbed and keep the kids away from the bacon, keep simmering and stirring and let the water steam off.

Then after about 1 hour, add in 1 more chunked up potato. This will be a little harder than the others and give the soup some meaty texture. Bring the heat up to about 1/4 and add in 1 stick of butter and the cup of whipping cream (ugh ugh, heh, hehe).



Stir it all up and keep an eye on it.. Let it simmer for a while longer.. Mmm Gettin' close. (Man that's alot of soup. Lunches for a week!) Keep stirring it after the cream and butter is in. Check it about once ever 5 mins. (remember you turned the heat up)



Almost time for the bacon! Mmmmmm Bacon,,,, Break it into chunks. Not sissy bacon bits, but manly man-sized chunks!



Lastly... Add in the bacony goodness. Mmmm Bacon. Stir it all up. The sauce now with the cream will be getting thicker and the potato clumps will want to stick together, Keep stirring about every 5 mins inbetween para drops.



Get that french bread out and pop it in the oven at 350* (or like 20 CM or whatever for metric) for about 5 minutes till nice and toasty warm.



Then bust on your son, who tried to wait out the 3 hours but didn't make it. Little slacker, should be pushing Diest, but no, Cartoon Network and a comfy couch are way more important. YOU''RE GROUNDED JR!!!!!



Now that Crom is libbed, MSP's set and allies are pushing east.. Time for some yum yum yummy!

Weeks worth of lunches/dinner, not bad for $7 bucks.