Whistler Photos

The Room

Tim is so proud of his new breast implants that he shows them to everyone...The webmaster on the massage tableTim standing by the refrigerator waiting for someone to pour more beer in himKen feeling no painChuck and his cigar, soaking.

The Parties

Doug and Todd at the Garibaldi Lift Co.(L-R) Me, Ken, Eric, and Doug at Garibaldi Lift Co. for the MountainZone.com partyTim, me, and Chuck prior to starting our ski day at the Dubh  LinhDoug and Chuck playing with the moose at the RCMP trading post

The Gondola

Doug on the Whistler gondolaTim, nearly ready to ski...Gene on the way upDoug and KenChuck and Gene

The Mountain

(L-R) Tim, Doug, me, Ken, and Gene on top of Peak at Whistler MountainKen with Blackcomb Mountain in the backgroundEric (the only one without a helmet) catching sick air on Whistler Mountain...Same Eric, different jumpPlaying in steep trees....Ken above Gene


Trevor led the way...

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