About the tips, tricks, and tweaks:

These are general tips for gamers. They are meant to help improve your gameplay in WW2OL and many, many other games. Its possible that not all of the tricks here will help you. This is normal, as computers vary in hardware and software, and I cant write tips for every computer that exists. Some people will claim great success with these tricks. Some people will claim they are a total failure. Try them yourself and find out which is true for you. These tips, tricks, and tweaks are all common and are suggested by many games themselves, gaming sites, and tweaking sites. Also, these tips are designed soley with speed/performance/FPS in mind and no consideration is given to graphic quality.

I want to clarify the use of a few words, too. When I say 'tip', 'trick', or 'tweak', I am simply referring to a change you make to your computer. It could be as complex as changing your AGP settings in your BIOS, or as simple as changing your desktop resolution or typing a few characters into a file. The great majority of the tweaks found on this site are pretty harmless. If it doesnt work, you simply change it back and there is no harm done. Any tweaks on this website that have a reasonable chance of causing any serious troubles at all on a normal computer will have plainly visible warnings. I wanted to say all this because some people are seriously intimidated by the word "tweak". Dont be.

For those new to this sort of thing, start out and do it the right way...dont develop bad habits, take things step by step, methodically, scientifically. I've tried to put some order into the links to the left. Start with benchmarking and move on to the basics, testing all the time and watching your computer's performance improve. It can be very rewarding to take a computer that isnt performing very well and make it scream ;)

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