Game Tips

The first thing to do after installing WW2OL is to rename or delete the 'cine' folder. This folder can be found through Windows Explorer. It is in the root directory, Playnet/CRS/Ww2ol/data/cine. Its a very large folder, so if you have limited space on your hard drive, just delete it. This also can help to clear up various bugs and problems.

The next thing to do is start downloading the various updates. Either install them with the autoupdate utility, or download them from ftp and install them that way. For each download, make sure you have rebooted into a system that has no funky programs running in the background. Do NOT use a download program like Gozilla...just use the standard Windows download. This is a personal note, as I have problems regularly with these download utilities corrupting game files and the solution is always to disable them and allow the server and Windows to do thier thing. Cold reboot (Power off. Leave off. Turn back on.) after every download and installation.

I am not going to go through the Settings App in detail, because its been done better than I could do it. CRS has a link to this site, unfortunately its hard to find. Its Kango's Settings App Guide and it is required reading before proceeding. This will give you a good idea of what some of the things in the app do and what settings will give you what results.

A little miscellaneous troubleshooting

Here is a settings/in-game tip. You can turn your HUD...that little compass with the health and stamina bars...on and off. There is 3 settings, all the options are on as default. The mid setting shows only the health and stamina bars, and you can turn it off conpletely. You can change the default in the settings app, but you can also turn it on and off anytime in the game by pressing the 'Y' key (unless you've remapped it). This can instantly gain you 5 FPS or so and that can be nice in a hot dogfight ;)

If you are having problems with downloading the game updates, check your security settings in MSIE, click Tools/Internet Options/Security and make sure its set to medium or lower. If you have installed PlayGate 1.06 and are still being told to download it, go to your IE security settings and find the option that says "Allow ActiveX Controls and Plugins to Execute". If you don't set this option, you will be redirected to the page saying you need to install PlayGate 1.06...also...If you are using IE, make sure you have run the 1.05 patch. It will install an OCX in your PlayGate directory. If you are still getting redirected to the download page after you install 1.05, open up a dos prompt, go to your playgate directory, and type: regsvr32 playgate.ocx A window should popup saying it was successfully registered. ~both from Snicker. Kill any firewalls, if possible. If that fails, try getting Netscape or the free Opera net browser and using that to download and play the game. Search the web to find either one.

If you are having problems in the game with your joystick, and the keymapper program doesnt seem to help, Akak suggests another way to adjust it: in DirectX. He suggests a program called DXTweak and it can be found at the Logitech website. With this app, you can adjust the joystick deadband as far as its possible to. Be warned though...I havent tried this program, but Akak warns its not for the average very careful messing around with could really screw something up :)