GEForce Tips

Nvidia GEForce graphics cards

Some good tips that usually (but not always) help out GEForce owners. First off, the drivers that came on the CD in the box with your GEForce card are most likely crap. You can go to Nvidia and get the latest Nvidia Detonator 12.41 drivers. These will probably be a huge improvement over the CD's drivers. Even after you put these drivers in, you should try others, because the CD drivers usually are really crappy and the 12.41's could be far better and still not be the best drivers for your machine. This is what I would do: Benchmark with 3DMark. Go to Nvidia and install thier drivers, its very easy. Benchmark again with 3DMark and compare your results. Next, go to Natural's site (if it's up) or another driver site and there are a few drivers there. Find the 10.80 and 12.90 drivers for the GEForce2. Sometimes these will come as .zip files. D/L the file, and unzip it to a temp directory. Then look in that directory and there should be a readme.txt that tells what the driver improves and how to install it. If it doesnt, throw it out and D/L another one. Install the new drivers and benchmark with 3DMark and compare again. After you have figured out the best driver, then its time to tune some settings. Right click your desktop, Properties, Settings, Advanced...and click on the tab for your GEForce card. Click on the Additional Properties button. Under 3D Anti-aliasing Settings, set it to manual and "Off" or no anti-aliasing. On the Direct3D Settings tab, check Enable Fog Table Emulation and Adjust Z-buffer Depth to Rendering Depth if Unequal. Uncheck the rest. For the Mipmapping section, set Mipmap Detail Level to "Best Performance". WW2OL doesnt use OpenGL, but if you have games that do, you may want to click on that tab and do a couple things. Check Enable Buffer Region Extension and Allow the Dual Planes Extension to use Local Video Memory boxes and uncheck the rest. Set Default Color Depth For Textures to "Always Use 16bpp" and set Vertical Sync to "Always Off". Save all these changes and restart your machine.

NOTE: I am not recommending the GEForceTweak utility any more. I received quite a few complaints from people, mostly GEForce3 owners, who had rather serious problems with it. Its a useful utility for some, but causes too many problems for too many people for me to continue suggesting it.