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From RMac on 1.06:

Please note that this solution is specifically for users who cannot launch PlayGATE 1.06 at all from Internet Explorer, and you must have PlayGATE 1.06 already installed before using this fix.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, are using PlayGATE 1.06, and are unable to launch WWII Online by clicking on the Play Now link, please go to the FTP server at ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com and download the file activex_register.bat. Once you have downloaded this file, run this batch file to register the ActiveX file within PlayGATE (playgate.ocx).

Robert McAnally
Customer Support Manager
WWII Online


Something Different from Johannes

Using Ad-Aware 5.5

"Ad-aware is a free multi spyware removal utility, that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you remove them safely."

While hunting as to why my windows mouse cursor appears (in a busy icon) while playing WWII Online I used it and found 5 references to spyware on my system and removed them.



From Jhoegl on 10057 error:

Ok, so it seems alot are getting this error. Do you know what it means? CRS does, and have stated it many times.

Basicly, it is an error indicating that somewhere in the "line of travel" for your information to get from your computer to the game server and back to your computer, there was a break in the line.

I wish I had a picture to better illustrate it, but Ill explain it a little non-visualy.

Ok, take your phone. You use it for phone calls right? You are talking on the phone and then all of a sudden, bam... you lost the call. How do you know? Because you hear no voice on the other end, perhaps a dial tone has popped up. What happened? Many things could have happened.

Storm knocked out the power to the phone company (rare, but it happens). Storm knocked out phone lines. Your dog or cat ate the wire. You pulled the chord out of the wall. Etc Etc.

So you know somethings wrong right? Well same with computers, except that the computers are "dumb" and need to be taught a thinking process of figguring out what happend. Thus error 10057.

So, now heres where "technology" comes in.
Once you get this error are you able to browse the internet? Make sure you visit more than one site and hit that ctrl+refresh to force a refresh of the pages.
If so, great! Now the hard part...
Can you trace your route to a server close to playnet? (Try tracert www.playnet.com at a command prompt).
Did you notice any odd/unusual numbers?
Like for instance, do you have a router/node/# that shows pings of 70 to.. say 140? Thats a possible choke point, where a problem could be occuring. BTW, ping variations of +40, you should check.
Call your ISP, did they experiance some problems/have experianced problems?

Perhaps you are simply encountering "noise" on the internet, causing intermitant disconnects from the game.

If you have other multiplayer games, Half-LIfe, Quake 3, or any game that shows a graph of your network latency while you play, watch it (Half Life its net_graph 1 in console). It shows a constant stream of data, and what packets have been recieved/not recieved.

If you still cant track down the problem, then I suggest a fresh install of WWIIOnline, and possibly checking out how to uninstall and reinstall your winsock dlls and such.

Why? Winsock is the heart of communication, and basicly, if you have a bad winsock driver, you have a bad connection to the internet.

Try running sfc (System File Checker) in your start>run
What this does is tells you what files have changed and what files are corrupted.
It WILL tell you files are corrupted that are not, especialy if you have installed something lately.
Dont worry about it.
The files you are concerned with are winsock.dll, kernl32.dll, and run32.dll
Acutaly, if run32.dll pops up, let it go.
You WILL need your WIn98 cd for this (only Win98 has this I believe), only if you need to replace files.

WWIIOnline is very picky, basicly because of the programming. They wont fix it, because it looks good to them, so you must.

Good luck,

Remember our History...


 After closing WW2OL, some people experience memory prob with there pc, ie PC is slow and laggy.

Well this should fix it:

'Defragmenting' Your RAM:

You can use the same Visual Basic trick to perform this operation in Win2k and Win9x. Open up a text file and insert the following line:

Mystring = Space(80000000)

Save the file as memory.vbs. You can run the program at any time by double-clicking it assuming you have the Visual Basic 4 (or higher) runtime files installed (they are installed by default by Win2k/9x, so no worries).It is also recommended that you close all other programs before you run this.



A DXtweak utility that allows you to adjust the deadband on ~any~ Direct Input (DX) device.


Use the "y" key (or the settings pannel) to shut off the globe icon for more FPS
ctrl + c gets rid of the mouse cursor.

In direct x8.0a someone at microsoft left a direct sound debugging tab up, it causes some ctd's. look for the dx debug app at directx's website. for now you can turn your sound acceleration down in dxdiag.

try disabling sound, in game, then disabling your soundcard alotgether to see if that's the problem (CTDs)


A link to EXTREMELY improved drivers and improved stability for SBLive! 5.1 owners.

These drivers are ripped from WinXP.

Eliminated all that Snap, Crackle and Pop and improved stability within Win2k by a zillion percent.


Got a bug fix for you... Remember the not being abe to exit thing? And the no map in game thing?

Well I pasted the two lines:


In ALL my KGM files, and suprise! The game is back to normal! WooHoo! You might want to post this in your bug fix section. Thanks for all your help.