Computer tips, tricks, and tweaks for WW2OL

The info on these pages applies mostly to Win98SE since I dont run any other OS.

Here is a neat trick if you have a mouse with a wheel. If the size of the fonts on this page are too large or small, hold down the CTRL button and roll your mouse wheel. This works in MSIE and many apps ;)


Feb. 2002: Sgtspoon just released and addendum to the keymapper guide that
might help out some people...check it out here

March 2002: I am no longer actively supporting WW2OL. I intend to keep my account active, but my playing time and my participation in the community will most likely be very limited. At this point, I am just going to wait to see what the future brings. This site will remain as is until further notice. Good luck everyone, and thanks for the support...its been a lot of fun =)


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