Eli's Lineage Page

This history was put together using the Pedigree Database and the photos are from various sources. Eli's pedigree goes back several decades and includes some very important dogs in the breed's history, including five dogs and two people in the Hall of Fame. Eli's pedigree begins in the 1960's with dogs bred by William Cosner's Maple Hill Farm and Robert H. St. John's St. John Kennels.

We'll start with some siblings and then begin working back in time. Not all the dogs in Eli's line are represented here, only the ones I'm aware of and familiar with.

This is BIS (US/CAN) CH Southchase's Wilbert Roy - "WR" - Eli's Brother
WR recently sired a litter of his own.

This is GCH CH Foxfire-Southchase's Firebrand - "Daisy" -  Eli's Sister

Southchase's Dare to Dream - "Jodee" - Eli's Mother
Jodee was born March 2nd, 2005

This is Foxfire Fifty-Five Blues - "Louie" - Eli's Father
Louie was bred by Robert Urban of Foxfire

This is BIS/S CH Southchase's It Happened One Night HOF - "Clarke" -  Jodee's father, Eli's grandfather
Clarke is in the Hall of Fame. Clarke was also Buckeye's father.

This is CH Southchase's Warrior Princess HOF - "Xena" - Clarke's mother, Eli's great grandmother
Xena is the top winning Black & Tan Coonhound in breed history, and is also in the Hall of Fame.

This is CH Sandstone's Spirit of Ayla - "Ayla" - Xena's mother and Eli's great-great grandmother
This photo was taken in 1991.

This is CH Designer Southern Enterprise HOF- "Riker" - Xena's father and Eli's great-great grandfather
Another great Hall of Fame dog.

This is CH Codach's Lyrical Rebel Yell - "Rebel" - Ayla's grandfather and Eli's great-great-great-great grandfather.
Rebel was born in 1978.
This photo taken by Edith Atchley and used with permission.

This is CH Codach's Lyrical Treeboy HOF
Rebel's father. Treeboy was born in 1971.

This is CH St. John's Jubia HOF
Treeboy's father.