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Training Update: How I'm Training My Coonhounds
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I've been keeping track of my training on each dog's individual page for years, but now that I've got three dogs all in the training rotation, it makes a little more sense to do it this way. To see notes on each dog's prior training, click the link to their page.

Sunday, September 14th, 2014:
     Last training session of this class for Woody.       
    Today was Woody's last session in this class. We met at our spot near Group Health for some outdoor container and exterior search practice. Just 3 of us, including Pritamo and her little Yorkie. It was over 80° and Woody was a little slow. All three dogs are working on Nose Work right now. Yesterday Hubert and Woody both went through 2 container and 2 interior searches at the Ballard Senior Center (BSC) and this morning we repeated the same with Eli. Eli has just started on odor, and today was his first try at an interior search. He's doing very good and is easy to read when he's working...probably because I have a lot of experience watching him while tracking.

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