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This is my dawg, Bobdog.
He even has his own page here. His page was last updated: Sept. 2001

I only learnt how ta make a website cuz people are always askin me fer pitchers of th' dawg an this is eazier than a dawgcam.

Welcome to the new website! It probably doesnt look much different from the old one, but www.Avondell.com sure is easier to remember than www.users.uswest.blah. This one is a LOT bigger than the old one, though, so I can post as many photos as I want and not have to worry about space....well for the next 6 months anyways. All the photos in the racing and fishing sections have been restored to their full, 800x600 glory, and the skiing pages are going full steam.
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Speaking of skiing, thats what we're doing. Several members of the Lake City Ski Team are into double digit days now and things are looking up for the Cascades snowpack. With a couple trips to Whistler and a few early season face shots in the Mt. Baker backcountry under our belts, we are prepared to ring in the New Year with another trip to Whistler village. I've been updating the skiing pages almost everyday lately, reviewing photos and adding them and notes in as I go. I try to get a few photos up right away after a trip then slowly edit and add more as I get time, so keep checking and let me know how I'm doing.
The End